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Rich Webb

RICH WEBB - RIGHT! vinyl album

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RIGHT! - Rich Webb - vinyl album

"A warm and lucid bundle of smooth alt-country swoon" - Hear2Zen

"On new album, RIGHT!, Melbourne-based singer, songwriter and band leader Rich Webb navigates psychic modulation and seeks to come to terms with the life’s essential impermanence." - Music News

"Evocative of singer-songwriter legends such as Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen, 'Love Someone' is a beautifully spacious track which utilises soft electric guitar and a warm trumpet solo to deliver one simple message: all humans deserve to live peacefully, whoever they are, and wherever they’re from."- Rolling Stone.

RIGHT! was mastered specifically for vinyl by award-winning mastering engineer Pete Lyman in Nashville using a 1956 Neumann AM32B Cutting Lathe.

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Produced by Rohan Sforcina and Rich Webb, with Phil Wakeman.
Recorded and mixed by Rohan Sforcina, at Head Gap, Melbourne.

Side 1
Blue Wildflowers
Love Someone
I Don't Mind At All (Bring on Summer)
50 Miles
You're Always Here in my Mind

Side 2
The Last Rowdy Hour
Nothing to Lose
Dead City

Released: 9 Dec 2022